A “normal” day is a good day: A day trip around the island

Today we all had the day-off for President’s Day.  Our tween requested a “drive around the island” to her favorite shrimp truck that requires a half day roundtrip.  We packed drinks in the cooler and bags of chips to snack on.  Our tween grabbed her pillow and a blanket and we jumped into the van and headed out.

First my husband redeemed the recyclables and I bought a bag of ice at the neighboring 7-11, and we were off on our family outing.  Light chatting, laughter and a dash of complaints about the radio station that the “parents” chose filled up the travel time.

The blue green Pacific ocean  with the foamy peaks of waves filled our eyes for most of the ride.  I felt content.  Blessed.  I soaked up the sunshine and the moment.

As my husband drove, he turned and smiled at me as I munched on a potato chip.  He was happy because our daughter and I were happy.  He felt like a good husband and father.

The shrimps were butter garlicky good.

We pulled over and bought a coconut  and a bag of chunked pineapples covered with red sweet-salty Li Hing Powder from a side-of-the-road stand.  The elderly woman deftly cut an opening into the top of the coconut with the corner of a knife.  Our tween allowed me to take a sip.  The coconut “juice” was slightly lightly sweet.

I fell in and out of naps throughout the ride.  We decided to skip the stop at Matusmoto’s shave ice or Aoki’s as both lines were already into-the- parking-lot long.

This was a good day for us.   A hopeful day for me–hope for other good days ahead.


One thought on “A “normal” day is a good day: A day trip around the island

  1. april says:

    Thank You for posting this. I am facing the same fears with my spouse.She is seeking help but i feel it might be too late.

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