Last night was lovely.

Beth slept over her grandparents and Dave and I went out to wish a friend a happy birthday.  We ate dinner, talked and sang karaoke.

The highlight–Dave reprising, Brickman’s “Love of My Life,” the song he unexpectedly sang to me in front of the church for our 5th wedding anniversary (the later part of the 1990’s).

He looks into my eyes and melts my heart with his warm smile.  He holds my hand as he sings.  I’m glowing, beaming with his unabashed profession of love to me, a little embarrassed that there are witnesses to this public display of affection.

In bed that night I lean my head on his shoulder and wrap my arm around his chest.  I smile inside and out contentedly.  I tell him that this is what I like, lying close to him, talking, laughing.  We don’t do enough of it.  We need to be more intentional and carve the time for this.

This is hopeful.  A glimmer of what could be.

Today we led a class at church and sang in the praise band.  Dave’s been trying his hand at leading worship–I admire his authenticity and courage to lead even when he’s fearful, anxious.

I teared up as I heard the choir sing about God’s faithfulness.  And without a doubt God has been faithful to us.

The pastor spoke today about suffering.  That it’s “not if but when.”  That we will all go through suffering, trials, challenges.  About how Christ too was not unfamiliar with suffering and bared the ultimate suffering. How suffering has a Godly purpose.   And how God uses suffering to grow us.

While Dave and I go through our difficult times, I’ve wondered “why me?,” “why us?”  But once we pass the hurdles we see that God has a plan and purpose (Romans 8:28), and we use what we’ve been through to minister to others (2 Corinthians 1:3). God is using Dave and I–using what we’ve gone through to grow us as a couple, as individuals and to help others.


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