Stalled: Aftermath part 3

I have “Aftermath part 3” all prepped ready to post.  It was ready last weekend.  My reluctance to post it is that Dave’s character and his statements take center stage in this post and I’m concerned that it exposes Dave too much.  But I don’t know how to tell my story without telling a part of his.  The story is being told purely from my perspective and it relays the events of “The First Visit” as excerpted and fine tuned from my journal entry a few moments after that visit.

I believe including this part of my story is critical to understanding my experience of that period of time, but is it fair to Dave to share his statements as I remember them?  I know all I have to do is show him the post like I usually do and see what he says.  But I am afraid that he will say, “No.  You can’t post that.”  I guess I should just ask him–share with him these fears and concerns and ask him for an honest response, then decide what to do from there.


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