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The stigma of suicidal ideation

I recently attended an art therapy training. I expected a sterile presentation on therapeutic sentence stems for client’s to project on.

Instead an artist–in the deepest, profoundest definition of that word–stood before me. Art is Esther Wilhelm’s medium to express her life story, her life story penetrating every line, color, selected item, and word of her pieces.

(Here’s a link to Esther Wilhelm’s story

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Aftermath part 4: Three Day Involuntary Commitment

Dave’s placed on a 3-day observational hold in a behavioral health inpatient facility.  In his hospital gown, Dave walks out of the hospital into the ambulance.

I follow the ambulance to the facility.  I sign in as a visitor and clip a visitor’s tag on.  An aid unlocks the doors for me to enter.  Dave‘s weighed, and his blood pressure’s taken.  He fills out consent/intake forms.  A staff member tells me to come back later during visiting hours.  I check the schedule and realize that there’s not much time to visit–just a half hour after lunch and two hours in the evening.

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