He took his anti-depressant medication

Okay.  Whew!  Dave took his anti-depressant medication.

He came to me and told me why he was upset at my reaction to him earlier in the morning, and I started tearing.

Dave, “Are you upset?  You told me it was better to tell you what I was upset about, rather than holding it in or walling you off.”
I said, “I’m glad you told me. The tears are because I’m scared that you didn’t take your medication and the other attempts happened when you stopped taking your medication.  You were tailing people and nearly drove through the stop sign”
“That’s because you were irritated with me and needed to get to your girl’s night on time.”
“When you told me you weren’t taking your medication, then I thought, ‘no wonder you were driving like that.'”
“I took the medication.  I’m okay Kate. You told me to talk to you and I am.”
“I appreciate that you are coming to me and that we are talking about this out in the open–your upsetness and my concern about you not taking your medication.  I feel better now, knowing you took your medication.”


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