Aftermath part 5: Discharged

Dave’s checking out today.  It’s unclear to me if he’ll be coming home with me or if he’s going to stay with his sister.   His sister told him on a visit that instead of ending it all (’cause he’s living with me) he should just come and live with her.

As we walk out, Dave said he’s optimistic.  He’s had time to think.  He’s glad to be alive.

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Men! (And I’m referring to two men in particular)

I had a couple’s session on Friday and left with the exasperated utterance of “FREAKIN’ MEN!” hanging in the air of my therapist’s office. Well, I wasn’t going to say it, but my therapist, “Doc”, (my husband and I refer to our therapist as “Doc” outside of our session) said, “So you’re going to leave us guessing?,”  so I paused, and thought “whatever,” and said it, “FREAKIN’ MEN!”

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