Blogging Less as Sense of Urgency Decreased

Just a quick post. Sorry I haven’t been posting as often.

1) I got a job in 2012 that really consumes a lot of my time.

2) There isn’t much to report recently.  Dave and I are going to individual therapy. We’re really working hard on our individual issues and working hard at growing in the areas we need to grow in.

3) We are beginning to wind down our couples sessions.  Why? Six-and-a-half years of committed work has helped  address our dysfunctional communication and conflict style.  Couples therapy helped us develop a healthier style of relating, including being able to voice our concerns, express our needs, listen and empathize, understand what the other person needs, and increase our heart for each other to meet the other person’s need.

I feel hopeful and a little anxious at the same time.  Hopeful that I won’t have to deal with a suicide attempt by Dave again (fingers crossed). Anxious and wondering if we can maintain our progress without the guidance of our therapist.

The blog.  From here on out, I’m not sure how often I’ll be blogging. If I’m not blogging, you can probably interpret that as things are going relatively well for Dave and I.

And I apologize that I haven’t been able to answer your posts/comments personally. I do read the comments and my heart goes out to you.  I empathize with you that it is so hard, there is so much that is out of one’s control, such a helpless feeling.  And it’s so lonely living with a suicidal spouse, feeling like you’re the only one going through it, that no could understand the despair. And for Dave and I, it was such a secret. There was no one to talk to about it (until we went to therapy).

And for those of you that write comments–thank you for sharing your experiences as I and other readers feel less alone.

Thank you for reading my blog.